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BMW E36 Suspension Bushing Kit – Poly 75D

Part#: E36RACPK

Product Description

This BMW E36 Polyurethane Bushing Kit (75D Race Pack) comes complete with the suspension bushings necessary to replace the key factory bushings on an E36 chassis. Our poly bushings virtually eliminate the deflection that occurs with the factory bushings for top level performance. This BMW E36 poly bushing kit comes complete with one set each of our front control arm, trailing arm, differential and subframe bushings in our 75D race compound. 

The subframe and differential bushings work together to eliminate subframe and differential movement as torque moves through the drivetrain for proper power transfer through the rear-end. The rear subframe bushings are also the first step in maintaining proper rear-end geometry and alignment. In addition, the front control arm and rear trailing arm bushings prevent these arms from moving to keep alignment consistent for excellent steering/cornering and braking stability. Transform your car today with our BMW E36 Polyurethane Bushing Kit (75D Race Pack).

About Our 75D Polyurethane

These extremely hard, race-spec 75D durometer polyurethane bushings are the hardest available (aside from solid aluminum). They are the best option for race classes where solid bushings are not allowed, or for those who do not wish to deal with the issues that may arise when using solid metal bushings.

Our U.S. Military Spec 75D durometer compound is as hard as a bowling ball, yet has elasticity and memory. This exclusive compound allows us to manufacture a bushing that has virtually the same performance as a solid bushing, but without the harshness on the chassis associated with solid metal bushings. Likewise, its elasticity and memory means they are also free from deformation which plastic bushings (Delrin, UHMW) are very prone to.

AKG bushings are the only aftermarket bushings for BMW molded in the USA in accordance to ISO 9001:2015 certified standards – the gold standard in manufacturing. Our exclusive polyurethane raw stock costs up to 5x that of the cheap generic poly and plastic used by others. It is formed with our very own precision molds through a meticulous, state of the art molding process – providing the quality, reliability and consistent performance our parts are known for. Read why our polyurethane bushings are the highest quality bushings available

Product Construction & Features:

  • Made of our exclusive U.S. Military Spec polyurethane (75D hardness) with 6061-T6 aluminum sleeves. Our raw stock poly costs up to 5X the cheap stuff used by others.
  • The original two-piece encapsulating bushings for BMW! Our symmetrical design locks the component in place, eliminating movement along its axes to increase performance.
  • The only bushings for BMW molded in the USA under ISO 9001:2015 certified standards.
  • Each bushing is precision molded and then CNC finished for a perfect fit.
  • Engineered to out last & out perform any other bushing. 
  • Designed by experts with over 35 years of BMW race prep experience.
  • Easy installation with simple tools.
  • Lifetime warranty – Built to be the last bushings you’ll ever buy

Designed for the following models:
BMW E36 (1992-1999) 318, 323, 325, 328, M3 (Not 318ti)

Original AKG design. Learn more about Genuine AKG Parts.

Recommended Use: RACE / TRACK
NVH Increase: High

Made in USA

Original price was: $460.00.Current price is: $392.00.

CENTER Front Control Arm Bushings, Poly 75D

Select box for CENTER Front Control Arm Bushings in your Race Pack (kit price includes one set of either center or offset).

OFFSET Front Control Arm Bushings, Poly 75D

Select box for OFFSET Front Control Arm Bushings in your Race Pack (kit price includes one set of either center or offset).


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