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Track Rod Bushings, Steel Spherical (BMW 2002)

Part#: TR02SB

Product Description

These BMW 2002 Steel Spherical Track Rod Bushings eliminate the movement found with the factory rubber track rod bushings for fully solid, precise front end performance. Perfect for those BMW 2002s that are raced! The stock front stabilizing rod bushings deflect, allowing movement within the front suspension. Replace those rubber bushings and eliminate movement with our BMW 2002 steel spherical track rod bushings.

Although our solid steel bushings are the hardest available and may have a longer life span than other bushings, they are also extremely harsh and unforgiving on the chassis. Cracks may occur around the attachment point(s). Any area using solid bushings should be reinforced and consistently checked before/after each race.

Made of solid CNC’d steel with premium, Teflon-lined race-spec spherical bearings. The spherical bearing spacers are precision CNC’d of steel and are designed for high-strength as well as proper fitment, while allowing for proper rotation of the bearings. Set of two.

Original AKG design. Learn more about Genuine AKG Parts.

Recommended Use: RACE / TRACK

NVH Increase: High

Designed for the following models:

BMW 2002

Made in USA


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