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BMW 2002 Solid Short Shifter, Chassis Mount

Part#: QS102

Product Description

Our BMW 2002 Racing Short Shifter is the original chassis / tunnel mounted short shifter for BMW. In fact, we designed and built the first ever BMW short shifter over 30 years ago for the 2002!

Reliability through Simplicity – Our BMW 2002 solid chassis mounted short shifter is engineered to be both simple and reliable – while providing the most precise shifts of any short shifter available. The original, two-piece design replaces the entire stock shifter assembly with a beautiful, precision CNC’d, billet aluminum tunnel mounted racing shifter. In addition, it eliminates the stock plastic ball & cup design in favor of a built-in, high precision race-spec spherical bearing. This race-bred, chassis mounted BMW 2002 short shifter is designed for lifetime use and is the first and only shifter fully serviceable and rebuildable.

At only 0.86kg, it’s as light as it is strong and with the shortest throw available – it’s all business. Our design eliminates all movement found in the stock shifter assembly for the most precise, solid shifter travel possible – even in turns and under load. And unlike other shifters which use snap-on shift knobs, our BMW 2002 tunnel mounted short shifter features a secure, fully-threaded shift knob mounting. Furthermore, the raised shift lever position provides comfortable ergonomic shifting under quick, repetitive conditions – because every shift counts.

Both the base plate and housing cup are CNC-machined from a single piece of extruded 6061-T6 aluminum, while the shift lever is CNC’d from a single piece of 7075-T6 aluminum. Unlike other cheap knockoffs, our solid racing short shifter contains no welds and the entire assembly is precision engineered to be a direct bolt-on to your 2002 chassis – eliminating the need to align and drill holes into your car for installation.

Our BMW 2002 solid chassis mounted short shifter is fully warrantied for as long as you own the car in which it was originally, properly installed. This kit includes an AKG Double Shear Selector Rod and Front Coupling. The shift lever is designed to accept the original factory shift knob (15 x 1.5 thread). If desired, our white DTM-style Delrin shift knob can be purchased as an additional option below. An upgraded engine/trans mount set is required due to its solid-mount design. 

Original AKG design. Learn more about Genuine AKG Parts.

Recommended Use: RACE / TRACK

NVH Increase: NA

Designed for the following models:

BMW 2002 (1968-1976) 4 or 5 Speed

Made in USA



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