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BMW Motor Mounts, Poly 95A – E39 (540, M5)

Part#: MM39VA

Product Description

Our BMW E39 (540, M5) Polyurethane (95A) Motor Mounts hold the engine in place for more effective power transfer through the drivetrain. These bolt-through polyurethane motor mounts are engineered to be the strongest and most reliable on the market. Our exclusive design is stronger than the OEM mount, incorporates the correct height and mounting angle, consists of multiple parts and is fully rebuildable. The stock rubber engine mounts deflect as torque moves through the drivetrain, allowing the motor to move. Alleviate this movement with our bolt-through BMW E39 (540, M5) poly 95A engine mounts.

These medium-hard 95A durometer polyurethane engine mounts are our performance-spec compound mounts (as opposed to our race-spec 75D compound). They are designed for those who want a noticeable increase in performance out of their BMW, but would still like to retain as much of a comfortable ride as possible – such as with a daily driver.

Our U.S. Military Spec 95A durometer compound is hard, yet slightly pliable – with elasticity and memory. This exclusive compound allows us to manufacture a mount with high performance characteristics that is free from the deformation which plastic mounts (Delrin, UHMW) are very prone to.

Made of our exclusive U.S. Military Spec polyurethane (95A hardness) and CNC’d 6061-T6 hard-anodized aluminum. Engineered for a perfect fit. Set of two fully rebuildable, bolt-through design motor mounts. Hardware included. Read why our polyurethane bushings are the highest quality bushings available.

Original AKG design. Learn more about Genuine AKG Parts.

Recommended Use: TRACK / PERFORMANCE

NVH Increase: Medium (These mounts will create NVH at idle and up to about 1000 RPM)

Designed for the following models:

BMW E39 (1996-2003) 540, M5

Made in USA


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